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About Game:

Nanobots is a 2D physics platformer game about a pair of two, odd little robots (B-box and T-rex) who are injected into the world of the human body where you have to use magnets to solve physical puzzles and challenges.

There are four versions to my game that are all combined into one game:

- SOLO | A super meat boy styled game whereby you use magnets to navigate the environment

(Also contains a quick boss round)

- CO-OP | Portal inspired levels where you can control two characters simultaneously with a friend or on your own

- SANDBOX | Experiment with the mechanics of the game in a light level editor

- MOBILE | Similair to meebling levels where the controls have been adapted to fit the needs of the mobile platform

NOTE: Game is currently in beta and is open to changes

Please feel free to comment on any bugs or problems that you are having with the game. Don't be afraid to be critical in any shape or form and above all else, enjoy it! ;D

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