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Game summary:
Super Magnetic Crush! is a physics-based platformer where you play as an animated magnetic cube who's trying to save his ‘opposite’ (who also happens to be made of magnets). They must use their magnetic powers to manipulate their magnetic body through spaces, solving multiple physical puzzles and challenges so they can save their...Super Magnetic Crush!

Game outline:
Super Magnetic Crush! brings the “tough-as-nails platforming” and movement of Super Meat Boy while combining the concept of manipulating magnets to change the way players approach and think in given situations, environments and problems; similar to how the ‘Portal Gun’ in Portal innovated new ways to leverage an object (the player in this game’s case) in any given situation.

Intended game systems:
Magnet physics that revolve around the two basic rules/concepts: 

Likes Repel
Opposites Attract



This is my final games project studying Game Design BA at the University of the Arts for educational purposes.

This version is finished in terms of project work but may still receive some updates in the near future.


Super Magnetic Crush!.zip 34 MB
Bonus Materials.zip - Art, Diary etc 152 MB

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